A non-profit providing artistic residencies for post-9/11 veterans.

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Why Art?

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I could have been a statistic.

  • Everyday 20 veterans commit suicide.
  • I came home from Iraq in 2008 confused and angry.
  • Without friends and family, I could have easily become a statistic.
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I found purpose in my art.

  • I started writing, eventually aspiring to write a book.
  • I had a mission again.
  • In 2020, I released my travel and war memoir, Waking Up On the Appalachian Trail, and it quickly became an Amazon best seller.
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The artistic process saves lives.

  • Writing about the pain and confusion helped me process my wartime trauma.
  • The clarity made the wounds lose their charge and power over me.
  • This process will help veterans thrive.

Our mission is simple: Discover talented post-9/11 veteran-writers and provide them the freedom to create.

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Literature has a way of changing a nation's understanding of itself.

From Walt Whitman to Kurt Vonnegut, the hell of war imparts uncommon insights about life and America.

We all benefit when veteran voices are heard.
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Writing is Hard
Up-and-coming writers give up a normal life. They may isolate and turn down traditional life opportunities—anything to complete their work.

This path can be unhealthy for veterans. But it doesn't have to be.
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Return the Freedom
In an era where our country no longer knows what it stands for, we should all agree that freedom is a good thing.

Your donations provide the freedom these veteran-artists once believed they fought for.
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A Limited Mission
I founded this non-profit with a limited lifespan and scope. We're going to help four veterans complete a manuscript.

If 1,000 Americans donate $60 today, this mission would be funded overnight.
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Breath in, breathe out.
Our veteran-artists won't be writing 24/7. That's impossible for everyone but Jack Kerouac.

So while they're staying, I'll introduce them to yoga and meditation, two practices that turned my PTSD-addled mind into a calm, clear pool.
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Veteran Served
Our Ideal Applicant
Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut, if we're being honest.

America needs a voice of reason now more than ever.

Readers want storytellers with a unique voice and something meaningful to say.

And that's the type of artist we will support.
Tell us which promising veteran-artists America needs to hear more of?